Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MY VERY VALENTINE; A Larry Liza poem…

MY VERY VALENTINE; A Larry Liza poem…

Let me feel the scent of your lips
Let the grace of your nose press against mine
Let me sail in the wind of your love
Your eyes are closed yet I feel so secure
My palm slides on your neck
Like a raven in the sky
Following after a goose
Swiftly, gently
You capture me
In the sanctum of our love

You’ve kindled a kind candle
It’s flames burn in my heart
But I do not burn, my love
I just burn, you know, in love
Shepherd of my love,
My madrigalist… oh boy!

The invention of your lips
A masterpiece!
You are the only bracket
That capsules me,
Ngai! Ei yawa!

Never before has red spoken so boldly
Posies and chocolates in love
You are the rock of my love
A fragrance unknown before
I am blown away by this wind
That comes when your head turns
Your eyes to look into mine

A touch on your tender body
Kills me all, I become a spirit
An amazing sensational sweetness
Of your presence, before me

Oh, God you are real!

© Larry Liza. Petals of Poetry. February 2009.

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